People who are very dear and especially close to us usually remind us of something that are with resemblance to them or there is something about an object, place, event that reminds us of them. Like for my baby brother, every time I see a Lego toy it always reminds me of him. It is actually the same with celebrities, I do not know if this is just me or does Anne Hathaway reminds us of being nerdy student to becoming the stunning Princess of Genovia from her famous movie Princess Diaries, and doesn’t the pairing of Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio reminds us of the most romantic love story of all time “Titanic”. The legendary Marilyn Monroe reminds us whenever we see a white-haltered dress, red lipstick. While animal prints reminds us none other than the famous reality TV family-The Kardashian! It is very rare that we can watch the Kardashian girls without at least one animal print item or accessory they are using or wearing, like below in the Telegraph.


Leopard print is a favorite among A list celebrities, models, fashion designers, musicians and stylists. They are good choices for styling a plain outfit, filling our closet and just giving energy, sophistication and fun. This animal print trend has been in style for how many years now, it used to be a trend but now it is more of a rule. I am not here to take sides or being biased when it comes to picking patterns: tiger prints used to have the fashion throne and had their short time of fashion fame last year together with the white Dalmatian spots. This year, the king of the jungle will take back its throne and rule the fashion kingdom once more.

When you have decided that you want to try the leopard print trend, you have to see how celebrities are styling their print in their own unique way. Take some notes from famous celebrities like Rachel Zoe, Kristen Stewart and Miranda Kerr. You can find some nice animal accessories on this site!

Carry a leopard clutch with any outfit; it gives the look of being sophisticated, edgy and versatile as it goes with everything. A tiny accent on a clean and simple outfit makes the touch leopard will pop. It may be a printed belt to draw attention to your waist, or sunglasses or a scarf to draw the attention to your face.

Most of us think that leopard print dress is something that is skin tight, very sexy and very revealing. But it is not always like that! You can try a loose and flowy dress like the image from Forever21 layered with a solid color jacket and/or belt, with simple accessories and flats to tone down the print. A leopard clutch would complete this look.

blue leopard print