“As if!” know this line? Come on! Say it with me with feelings and facial expression now! “As if!” I know it is hard to admit that it is fact that our ages are determined by the movies, music, clothes, actors, actresses or television series that we actually can relate to or actually our favourites. Yeah yeah it is hard to admit but if you were born somewhere between the 1980s or 1990s it is of no doubt that you knew Clueless and it became your favourite fashion inspiration at that time, since there are only limited TV series that actually gives fashion inspiration. Unlike now, that there are tons and tons of TV series where we can actually get our fashion inspiration, styling ideas, hair ideas and etc. To give you soe example are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Selfie, Vampire Diaries, and etc. It is one of those classic movies that are totally timeless. In this movie – Alicia Silverstone is playing the famous character of Cher, ahhh she is one of the classic fashionista that I love because she is innocently soft hearted, whit and funny actually! Her modern version is Reese Witherspoon playing the character of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde movies! Both are charmingly pretty, both have freakingly unique and cool fashion that gets attention wherever they go, both have big innocent hearts that wants to make the world a better place, both have the guts to follow what they thought is right, they stand up to their own and both have these smles that make us melt!

Okay, so I have watched the show for how many times, but I could just not get over Cher’s wardrobe, I especially love love the first part where she had this computerized closet where she could plan her outfit via a computer system and she could see if the outfit matched her or not! Freaking cool right! How I wish with our technology that some fashion saviour would invent a heavenly gift for fashionistas like that!

The trend back then was an adorable Valley girl style which composes of mini backpacks, fuzzy pens, knee-high socks, matching blazers and skirts, bonnets, button down blouse, single pendant necklace, self fabric headbands, the elements of each outfit that are actually really chic. Being an avid follower of fashion, trends and styles usually has a cycle time, they sometimes are reborn with different silhouettes or pattern but the main trend is there, some trend take 5 to 10 years while others take 10-20 years. With different designers coming out today, each trend are expressed and understood in their own different aesthetic ways. So let us take a look how the most iconic Clueless clothing made its way back to the present trend – plaids!

Cher and Dionne’s matching tartan skirt and blazer outfits from Clueless make them look like they just came out from a runway grabbing the viewer’s attention.

matching tartan skirt

Online Fashion sites like this one offer a variety of modern styles and cuts of this trend! If you’re going to go with one, take this fresh take from http://www.missguidedus.com/catalog/product/view/id/140733/s/ellie-wool-check-a-line-skirt-black-white/category/1189/.