Whether it’s a maxi chevron skirt or a skater chevron skirt, the pattern says it all. It’s cute, chic, and can be worn with pretty much anything.

This past summer I spent most days wearing maxi skirts. The great thing about it was you can either dress them or dress them down. I found my favorite black and white chevron maxi skirt on the Resultly app. I knew I wanted to something that I could wear to work but also out with friends. When I work it to work I paired it with a cute jean button-down shirt and a statement necklace. Then when I was hanging with friends I wore it with simple black tank.

chevron skirt

Another style I wanted to try was the skater skirt. I snagged this super cute and fun one here. I wore this skirt out when my friends and I had girl’s night downtown a few weeks ago. I remember getting so compliments on it! I paired it with a red crop top and my black pumps I also got from Charlotte Russe. You could say I was feeling pretty good that night. It was a night that I will never forget, one that will stay with me forever.

It was almost like a scene out of a movie. My best friend Katie just got a promotion at her job so our whole group decided to go out and celebrate downtown. After dinner we ended up at this bar/club where I met him. Him. He had these dark brown eyes and brown hair, with a beard to match. He basically looked like one of the guys from Sons of Anarchy that should tell you enough! He was standing at the bar with a few friends while the girls and I were at one of the high tables. I glanced in his direction, I remember I was laughing at something one of the girls had said and in that moment our eyes locked on one another. It seemed like an hour had passed until I decided to look away. As I looked in his direction, I noticed he was gone. I turned and there he was standing near me, looking at me with this adorable half smile on his face. We started talking about ourselves, knowing what the other was thinking and feeling. We danced, we laughed, we talked, we drank, and we kissed.

The night quickly came to an end. We ended up exchanging numbers, yet we never exchanged names. The whole night was spent enjoying each others company, which probably didn’t make our friends too happy. We’ve been talking ever since and have a date scheduled for Friday, so hopefully I’ll get his name by the end of the night. Every time I look at that skirt, I’m reminded of that moment in the bar that night when he and I looked at each other. That moment, something so rare and beautiful could possibly be the start of something wonderful. Now, I must start to plan what I’m going to wear on Friday night. Hm, maybe I’ll do something chevron.