We are in this very point or should I say on the top of the season where we can confidently say or assume that our closets are almost starting to collect knits again (you were think oohh yesss). Since October we have been beginning to shop for cute and adorable new style of knitwear’s that we can mix and match with our daily outfit. Yes, I know the feeling because that is what I have been doing! Since October I have been looking for fashion stores, fashion shop, fashion online stores and other thrift shops or thrift online store to look for cute, stylish and adorable knitwear’s. Then I came across with this site Resultly where they display different kinds of heart-patterned sweaters. I know you would love them too! I really really loved this site! It plays as our fashion secretary online! Really! You just type in a keyword that you want to find, for example (sweater / knit wears / white sweater / heart sweater / black sweater / denim / jeans / black jeans / off shoulder shirt / tshirt / dress and etc – they have them all) once you have decided what item you are looking for the site will then gather all example “ black jeans” from different fashion brands like Forever21, Guess and many more. All the product details are there, the colors, the available sizes, the material details and price. Check them out for yourselves! Like this one from Forever 21.

heart sweater

Well, of course while searching for the knits, I have come across with famous celebrities wearing a heart patterned knits. This heart patterned knits looks girly and romantic perfect for a romantic date or if you just feel like love is all around! Get style inspiration from these famous celebrities like Olivia Munn, Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow and of course Taylor Swift! Though these women have very different fashion style they carried the sweater in their very own unique way!

Some celebrities ought to wear polka dots patterned sweater, polka dots are very fun, outgoing and chic! Famous celebrities spotted wearing them are Hilary Duff and Gwen Stefani.

Others ought to have the classic and nautical look so they go for the stripe patterned sweater. Famous celebrities spotted with this look are Alessandra Ambrosio, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lo Bosworth.

As what we witnessed from some site like Stylecaster on this year holiday season trend many fashion houses showcased different kinds of knit sweaters to the fashion runway. There are many more patterns, cuts, silhouettes and prints for the knits and it depends on your mood and your fashion style, you can express yourself wearing the sweater as uniquely as you can!