Aside from Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Miranda Kerr and other models that have established their names in the fashion and model industry there are many rising models today. One of the most promising and rising model plus an aspiring actress that I super adore is Cara Delevingne. Who doesn’t know her? I so loooove Cara Delevingne!!! She is named by some as the Scandalous Young Model Who Is Being Called the Next Kate Moss in today’s time! And she was called hottest model to come out of Britain since Kate Moss, she was even titled as the “Model of the Year” award at the British Fashion Awards last 2012.

She is best known and has attracted many audiences and followers with her uniquely dark and bushy eyebrows and model look. She has been modeling with famous power brands such Burberry H&M, Zara, and Chanel. British Vogue in recent times named her as the “star face” of show seasons. She has starred for a long list of high fashion brands.

Here are some trivia about Cara Delevingne: 1) She was actually “spotted” by Ms. Sarah Doukas, who also scouted Kate Moss 2) Her sister is Poppy Delevingne – also a model and socialite 3) She appeared in a movie “

Cara Delevingne always described herself as a proud tomboy and it shows also on her fashion style or everyday street style wear. Her tomboy approach to dressing became made way to become a trend to the fashion industry and was really adopted by many fashionistas. Let me guide you on Cara Delevingne’s fashion from streetwear to evening wear.

cara delevingne

For evening wear and events wear, Cara’s outfit is more on wearing a dress that is comfortable to wear rather than the super glamorous that are un easy to wear. Her style is edgy yet sophisticated. Colors she opts to wear are earth and natural tone colors. Fabrics are more on soft and flowing fabrics.

cara delevingne in camo jeans

Camouflages are also one of her fashion favorites, as you can see in the pic above. She’s often spotted in camo jackets and camo jeans. Camouflage has been played by many famous fashion brands for how many years now, like Bape, Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani and etc. For some cool camo jeans options check out the Resultly site!

Her Street style is more on the edgy, tomboy and laidback style. Nevertheless whatever she wore she still looks like one hell of a diva!