I just recently became so caught up with Television series like Rizzoli & Isle, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and Repeat viewing of the famous Friends. Then while killing time I turned my television and repeat telecast of The Pretty Little Liars are playing. I was completely caught up literally on our TV screen, what got my attention is the unique turn of story, it is about five friends and during one of their slumber party outside home a mysterious killing of one of their close friend / queen bee “Alison” took place. At the funeral a mystery person called “A” gave each one of them text message and is claiming to know the killer and has been sabotaging the lives of the four remaining friends, putting them in the middle of scandalous situations and exposing their secrets one by one.

What majorly caught my attention are how we can get fashion style outfit inspiration from the fashion style of each of the main characters.

Spencer is an extreme perfectionist so her style is always vintage, romantic and timeless. Clothes always seen on her would be denims with a nice blouse pairing it with a nice girly necklace or a cardigan, sometimes she would wear the classic vintage dress an pair it with also a vintage accessories. Ashley is more of an IT-girl so her style is more of the girly, trendy, sophisticated and glamorous side, Aria is the boldest among them so her style would be the most adventurous, she would opt to wear dresses with graphics or plain dresses with layers or lace and top it with a jacket and pair it with boots, gladiators while Emily is an athletic type so her style would be the girl next door type, wearing plain jeans with a top that emphasizes her figure or a mini skirt with a nice blouse.

I love most the fashion style of Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin, girly yet sophisticated and trendy look, mixed with more edgy pieces. It is like everyday is a fashion runway for this diva! Plus the perfect hair, polished make up and nails completes the whole look. Dig her style too? Here’s a look of hers I especially like.

Hanna Marin

Skirts especially bandage skirts are her most favorite as she can pair them with any top and shoes. You can copy her style by getting many options of this kind of bandage skirt from Resultly. I am def getting a bandage skirt, and fast.

Other times you can see Hanna wearing her favorite fashion staples like mini dress, belt that emphasizes her tiny waist, blazer to add sophistication and glam to any outfit, skirts with a nice blouse, statement and trendy accessories and heels.